This is Atomic Canary

This is Atomic Canary

Our Mission

Our mission at Atomic Canary is simple. To build something we all would want to be a part of: a creative community. Atomic Canary is ALREADY changing what people expect out of a photography studio, and therefore changing what they expect from themselves. Join the creative movement!

A Space To Call Your Own

Studios. They are a dime a dozen. We’ve all used them and they are all mostly the same – except for that dime - usually they’re quite costly and more often than not they are dark, plain, boring spaces. Sometimes we want what the typical studio has to offer – so we’ll have that but we want more. How about a real location – with real rooms. Windows and all types of furniture. How about ambiance. We want that too. And we want it all for the purpose of making photographs. Move it around, change it up. Paint the bricks white one day and blue another. So that’s what we’ll have.


We want access to resources without having to bring everything to the table ourselves. Lights, stands, props, wardrobe. That’s just stuff – important stuff but just stuff. We want access to a team of resources too. How about a network of in-front of camera talent at various levels from testing to pro. Models, we have plenty of opportunities for you too. Competent assistants, maybe some makeup artists, and some hair and wardrobe stylists too. Not just one but a few that see the world the way we do or maybe differently; Some diversity.

A Community

Not just a space. A community that supports the space. A collective of people that love photographs, photography, and the visual arts. A community that we can share our work with – and see theirs. A community were we can build trusted relationships. To offer honest feedback and to celebrate those so far and few between victories in this endeavor. A community we can share some of our hard won expertise and take some away in return. Photographers, we love, love, love when you want to share as well. Check out some opportunities for you as well.