The Abstract Nude w/ Miss Macaroni

The Abstract Nude w/ Miss Macaroni

Friday July 27, 2018

5-8p in Baltimore's Studio B


The Lesson

Abstract nude images represent a genre of fine art that the average viewer is typically more open minded about. When abstracted, the human form can be reimagined into any shape, shade or perspective... rather than being identified as a nude person.


This event will visually demonstraight how to light, pose, and work with a nude art model in several low-key lighting scenarios in Studio B. The process will go over modifier selection and illustrate how to mold/ shape your light into the perfect compliment to the model's form.

The program is three hours long and will begin with a one hour demo, followed by the opportunity to test the lessons with Stevie (Miss Macaroni) for the following two hours.


You can see the inspiration board for this workshop on the studio's pinterest page

Limited Seats

This private event will begin with a visual demonstration of the lighting concepts followed by timed and rotated individual shooting.

Each photographer will get several opportunities to shoot one on one with the model, with as much or as little of the instructor's assistance they choose.

Because of the individual time and attention given to each photographer, this event is limited to 5 participants max. A wait list will be available once the 5 spots have been sold.


Our Model: Stevie Macaroni

Miss Macaroni, the North Carolina based traveling yogi-hooper-model-ographer, returns to the Baltimore studios for this exciting Artistic Nude photography event.

Stevie is a fantastic fine art model, which makes her the perect subject for a workshop of this genre. Allow her to wow you with her unguided posing abilities and her thorough understanding of light. Participants of this event are certainly in for a treat!


From her website bio:
With a high understanding of photography, she shows strength in artistic genres exemplifying dramatic lines and shapes with her powerful figure. She has a fearless creative drive that brings new inspirations to every shoot.


What To Bring
  • Mirrorless or DSLR camera w/ a hot shoe
  • Fast Normal Lens (50mm 1.8)
  • Telephoto lens (85mm and longer on full frame)
  • Macro Lens (60mm - 100mm)
  • Tripod (optional)

100.00 deposit to RSVP, with 120.00 due at the event (220.00 total).
Maximum attendance is 5 persons

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