Black Light: The Art of UV Photography

Black Light: The Art of UV Photography

Black Light: The Art of UV Photography, Sat 3/25/17

Black Light: The Art of UV Photography with guest instructor Zach Morehouse of Studio WAF with Models Katie Healy and Alexa K Pierce.

This will be a fun workshop which will start at 7 pm on Sat 3/25/17. We'll be exploring the kinds of shots that you can't always execute on your own. Knowing more and getting great images during the workshop will help you when you do your next or first shoot using UV lighting.

Zach Morehouse is the proprietor of Studio WAF (an affiliate of Atomic Canary in Baltimore, MD), and the publisher of Playnerd Magazine.

In addition to being a neighbor to our Baltimore studio, Zach has contributed to past workshops and assisted us in various capacities over the last few years (and may have picked up a trick or two from us along the way!).

During the course of this unique workshop you will learn how to use UV light to illuminate your subjects for a glowing, otherworldly look, as well as how to adjust manual and automatic settings to best capture beautifully surreal and eye catching images in-camera.

While exploring just a few of the many possible combinations of black light reactive wardrobe, fluorescent makeup, and UV body paint, we will be creating luminous and futuristic imagery that adds whole new dimensions to fine art modeling.

After learning how to utilize materials and techniques that until fairly recently were prohibitively expensive, you’ll leave with the basic skills and knowledge to delve further into the growing realm of black light photography.

We will have two lovely models glowing for the event; Katie Healy from Connecticut and Alexa K. Pierce from New Hampshire. UV bodypaint will be masterfully applied by Erica Jean Fenino, Owner at FarOutFotography Studios and Artist at The House of Blues in Boston.

The ticket price for this event is $125 per person with a maximum attendance of six photographers.

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