Bring Your Own (Model/Photographer)

A Shooting - Networking Event

Sunday Nov 4, 1-5p

You are invited to join us for this first-of-its-kind networking and shooting event at the studio!

This four hour event will span over both studio spaces (studio A and Studio WAF, AKA Studio B) with multiple lighting setups in place. Additionaly, there is access to the studio's boundless supply of wardrobe and props.

Mingle, shoot, and experiment creatively the studios and make some new contacts!

The only rule is that you bring along a person (Models bring a Photographer, and Photographers bring a Model) that has never been to the studio.

Space is extremely limited so we ask that you RSVP for both parties via the paypal button below. The total cost is $30, which covers lunch for each of the participants.

$30 RSVP Required - Includes meals for two people
Meal One
Meal Two