Dual System Lights

Dual System Lights

Here at the Baltimore photography studio, not only do we make hot lights ( A.K.A. Continuous lights, Tungsten lights, Quartz lights, etc) and plenty of bounce materials available, but every rental includes use of our monolight strobes as well. We have the following monolights in house:

Speedotron Force 10

Brute Strength. One thousand pure, color consitant, watt-seconds of power at your control.

Attach big Chimera softboxes to these lights for big results, even from across the room in mid-day light.

Alien Bees by Paul C Buff

Alien Bee's by Paul C Buff are some of the most common lights that you will find... anywhere. Beyond that, they are tough, durable, reliable and LIGHT AS HELL MAN! This means you can fly them on booms, tall stands and with HUGE modifiers without taxing your grip gear.


Why dual system lights? Because these are very different animals, the Speedos and Bees. They each have their strengths and weaknesses. Part of your success in the creative process starts with some very technical decisions made in the studio. We are proud to offer you options in your lighting gear, the right tools for the job. There is no One-Size-Fits-All light.


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