Looking Back

Looking Back

Not Quite Winter, Not Quite Spring

Almost exactly one year ago last March we were hosting one of the first workshops at the new space in Baltimore. We had one or two members, knew almost nobody in the city, and were scraping around to find enough money to invest in a ladder. Megar beginnings for sure but we've grown, made friends, and had a lot of fun since then.

The workshop that was held almost a year ago is now one of our classics. The Window Light Mini-workshop with one of our first M.I.R.'s.

These images were made prior to the workshop while everyone was beginning to wake up that day. A many days in March are cold, rainy, and dark so was this one. I needed to determine just how dark that dreary rainy day was in photographic terms of hosting a window light workshop. Low shutter speed, f/2 wide-open and still needed ISO 160 for exposure anywhere but right up against the window. Specifically it was dark.

March is a strange month, always is. A lot of winter depression mixed with a hint of spring here and there. There have been quite a few dark days this March of 2015 in far more ways than mere photographic speicifics. For any one impacted by those. I am sorry and promise to not only make it right but also make it up to those here supporting the community and the studio.

Along with those dark days, March also gives us all glimmers of spring. Over the next few weeks stay tuned for spring 2015 in more ways than one. Spring is time for rebirth and new paths forward. This spring here's a few things for you our community to look forward to.


A Completely Revamped Workshop Sechdule

Some new instructors, some extenended shooting time, and some new talent. Details will be available soon as well as some hints in upcoming posts. As always if you want to see something on the schedule the skys the limit so speak-up.

A Spring Studio Open House

To welcome spring in with a bang there's nothing like a party. Everyone's welcome but as usual members will get some V.I.P treatment (hint free as in free beer). We're also looking to have some special gueusts and shooting opertunities for anyone interested.

New Talent

Speaking of new talent, we'll be putting a completely re-vamped M.I.R schedule for the rest of 2015. Maybe some old favorites you haven't seen in a while along with some new faces (Models, if you haven't taked to us yet you should). What's an M.I.R you ask. Good question. M.I.R = model in residence. Someone new to the area combined with special rates and events during their stay at Atomic Canary. We've got some new faces that you'll definitely want to work with as soon as they're on they go up on the schedule.

New Services

Many of you have asked about some convenience services such as eliminating the hassel of having to coordinate both models and studio and keeping track of negociating dates and times for both as well as confusion as to who gets paid how much, blah, blah, blah. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag completely quite yet but we will be offering conceirge services for members that will eliminate that headache and make for a smooth, hasselfree experience for any of you that thinks it makes sense. Details coming soon.

Okay that's enough for now but there's much much more so stay tuned. Oh, and thank you so much for such a great first year.