Mastering Natural Light with Midnight Starr & Ashley Mae

Mastering Natural Light with Midnight Starr & Ashley Mae

With Lighting Master Robert Boyer

at Atomic Canary New England, Sat. 3/25/16 | 12-3pm
404 Roosevelt Ave, Central Falls, RI

Robert Boyer is one of the creative minds that launched the orignal Atomic Canary in Baltimore, MD.

Bob has been involved with the planning of and the photography for large-scale fashion events. In addition, Bob's published many books on photography and continues to share his passion for the small details that make a difference.

Bob will work with Midnight Starr and Ashley Mae to help illustrate how to use natural light to its fullest potential. You will learn more practical knowledge about lighting in this workshop than you ever thought possible in such a short period of time!

Tickets are $100 and the Workshop is limited to 6 Photographers
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