Our Southern View

Our Southern View

If you're used to a dark dingy space where you must use lights and gear you're in for a real treat. Even the most zealot "everything must be lit with a strobe" members of our community can't help but fall in love with the natural light we get in the Baltimore studio space.

Southern View Vs. Northern View

Now you might be thinking something like north light is the way to go. Not at all, northern light (at least in the northern hemisphere) is pretty much always the same end of story. On the other hand a southern view not only gives brighter skylight but has fantastic diversity as it almost always includes some sunlight. A lower and longer angle with more reach in the winter and a shallower angle with less reach in the summertime. What's great about it compared to say an eastern or western view is it's always at a great angle to either take it or leave it or even use it for a different purpose than you might cross your mind at first glance.

Direct Sun

I'm the odd man out but I love direct sun, love it love it love it. It's easy to get a great angle here in the Baltimore studio, it's never directly over head.

Or maybe something like this about thirty seconds later.

If you couldn't tell these are with zero fill, no additional reflectors, nothin'. Of course you could use some of our reflectors or strobes to get any level of fill you'd like.

The Big Difference

Unlike east or west facing windows where you just cannot get out of the way of the sun at certain times the light completely changes if you move a few feet.

This shot is about five feet from the above directly behind where the next window is letting another gorgeous shaft of gold. Here I'm just letting that shaft bounce off the floor to provide that up-fill you see. All gear-free.

Of course if you must have darkness we'll block the windows out completely for you. Easy enough. Stay tuned for our sunlight schedule that will give you a good idea when the sun is where based on time of year and time of day.

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