The Overhead Shot featuring Mika Lovely

The Overhead Shot featuring Mika Lovely

Sunday August 26, 2018

4-7p in Baltimore's Studio A

Leading up to golden hour

Insert Above: Art model Sarah Voss bends for an overhead shot in the original Baltimore studio space.

The Lesson

This workshop is designed to get photographers comfortable working with a model to create a unique overhead shot in a professional photography studio.


Above: Anastasia lays on a chaise lounge in some muted, cloudy sunlight in Studio A

This event will visually demonstraight how to light, pose, and work with a professional model in overhead shooting senarios in Studio A. The process will go over safety, scene/ set-building and also illustrating how to mold/ shape your light into the perfect compliment to the model's form.

The instructor is Joshua Orozco, a long time videographer and a full time commercial photographer since 2014. In a previous life Joshua was once a lighting and video workshop trainer for federal government clients, but has turned his focus to providing a creative space for photographers to hone their craft.

The program is three hours long and will begin with a one hour demo, followed by the opportunity to test the lessons with Mika Lovely for the following two hours.

The goal is to allow each participant an opportunity to build a unique set of their own to photograph Mika. The shooting is all 1 on 1, timed, and rotated.

Insert Above: Fitness and fashion model Patty Suchy poses underneath a ladder for an overhead shot in the original Baltimore studio space.

Limited Seats

This private event will begin with a visual demonstration of the lighting concepts followed by timed and rotated individual shooting.

Each photographer will get several opportunities to shoot one on one with the model, with as much or as little of the instructor's assistance they choose.

Because of the individual time and attention given to each photographer, this event is limited to 5 participants max. A wait list will be available once the 5 spots have been sold.

Our Model: Mika Lovely

Miami-based Mika Lovely is one of our industries most recognized traveling models, and she will be coming to Baltimore for this late August event.

Mika brings years of experience and top notch wardrobe to her shoots. Her ability to pose and her understanding of how to work with a lens make her the perfect model for this topic.

Mika was the very first person to model for a video bourdoir workshop taught by Joshua at the original Atomic Canary studio way back in 2014. We are excited to have her return for this one!



Insert Above: Mika shooting in the garage of our building. Photo Credit Robert Boyer

What To Expect

You will design and build your own set. The opportunity to create something unique to everyone else will be presented to you. The studio has many wardrobe furniture and prop options for you to choose from. What will you create?

Please be prepared to climb a ladder! We have two very secure 8' and 10' ladders for shooting from above. Step stools just dont cut it for these types of shots. We are going to take advantage of the studios 14" high ceilings.

It may get a bit warm. A setting summer sun will be providing our light... and turing the studio into a greenhouse at the same time. There will be plenty of fans and cold water, plus an air conditioned room to escape into, but for the sake of our lighting, we need the windows wide open!

What To Bring
  • Mirrorless or DSLR camera
  • Secure camera strap
  • Wide lens (28mm or 35mm equivelant)
  • Normal lens (50mm equivelant)

100.00 deposit to RSVP, with 200.00 due at the event (300.00 total).

Maximum attendance is 5 persons

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