Photography Studio: Bricks

Photography Studio: Bricks


A Photography studio with character. I mentioned that the Atomic Canary Baltimore studio space has gobs of it. The studio itself, the public areas, and even the surrounding city blocks but that's another story for another day. We've got real turn-of-the-century brick that looks fantastic. Our photographic community uses them in dozens of ways.

Contrary to popular belief brick walls are not only good for testing lens resolution and distortion (joke). Turns out old brick makes for great backgrounds.

Some BTS shots I grabbed while playing fly-on-the-wall. Everyone likes BTS shots of what other photographers do right?

Hey, what's that light doing there... Ancient chinese fill secret. More on that later but those thermo-nuclear Speedotron Force 10's are wonderful at making REALLY BIG fill due to their overwhelming power. I jamb up a how-to and when guide for those monsters soon.

Even without powered fill this is a popular setup at the Baltimore studio. A v-flat reflector setup with a whole in the middle. With this it's hard to go wrong. Soft, glowy directionless, light from the front with rim light from the windows on either side.

Why the table? Two reasons; After making some shots with the pipes our photographer wanted to make some without just head to toe bricks. The other reason is the ability to shoot from a lower angle without blowing out your brand new Levis. As an added bonus how about a different texture for the "floor". Our place is your place treat it like you own it. Want to stand your subject on a table... have at it. We're here to help.

Of course the pipes are nice to. Same kind of V-flat reflector setup but without the rim-light due to closer positioning to the wall. Have it your way.

BTS grab shot from the side while staying out of the way. Light looks frigging great.

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