Photography Studio: Character

Photography Studio: Character

There's a lot of things one might look for when seaching for a photography studio. The Baltimore studio space here at Atomic Canary has all the basics. Plenty of space to work, get sujects off the background for a bit of demension and lighting flexibility. The studio also has ample head-room in terms of hieght to position gear out of frame, shoot from low angles, etc. The space also has ubelievably gorgeous natural window light from huge windows for those that prefer to work with ambient light.

Of course there's equipment, gear, grip, lights, and all that. We've got that -- every studio does (at least you'd hope). Beyond that there's something missing in most dark-box studios. What's usually missing is character of the space itself. The Baltimore studio space has gobs of character to be used countless ways. Not only the space itself but all of the public areas of the building. We'll be posting a series of photos and articles over the course of the next couple of months that I hope will spark some ideas for our community of photographers to explore our space and use it in creative ways. Please don't hesitate to ask about where and how anything you've seen shot here at the Baltimore Atomic Canary. We'll be glad to show you spaces both indoors and out.

The image above is one of our window sills. The aged patina makes a great still life backdrop. The two little instax mini's you see were snapshots taken with the model's Fuji Instax for her collection while shooting in one of the dozens of public areas in our building.

Stay tuned more to come hopfully to inspire all of you to use this awesome space to it's full advantage with our without lighting gear. You'd be surprised what you can make with the ambient or even adding one bare speedlight to the equation.

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