Projector Rental

40/hr 2 hour minimum

Driven by the popularity of our past 'Projected Images' events, the demand for a projector to be available in the studios has been high.

The projector rental program is intended for shooting, in the studio. It is not available for offsite use.

Projector Rental Includes:
  • 3200 Lumen Projector
  • Macbook Pro with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Studio Assistant/ Operator


Do I Need an Assistant?

We've tried it before. Allowing photographers the freedom to set up and operate everything on their own results in missed opportunities.

It will be ready when you arrive. If you email images ahead of time, they will be preloaded.

Being able to direct the image as you direct the model is the key to a fluid, productive shoot. Your assistant will be able to modify images in real time meaning you will get to spend more time shooting.

We don't want you to waste your valuable studio time; with a hired model's rates factored in, having an assistant is and an absolute must.

Your portfolio will thank you.

40/hr 2 hour minimum

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