The Space

The Space

The Baltimore Studio Space



Not your average boring, dark studio with some crappy gray seamless paper. This space has character and endless opportunities for inspiration and versatility. Build your own sets!

The World's Best Light

A gorgeous mix of warm sunshine and soft window light. The magic of a southern view and huge 19th century windows gives Atomic Canary: Baltimore the magic of that beautiful, flexible, mix of sun and soft bright conditions throughout the entire day.

Ultimate Control

Control? No problem open some windows up, shut them down, bounce them, narrow them or just use the natural surroundings for that beautiful uplight or backlight. Want it all shutdown and full control – no problem we’ve got you covered with powerful state of the art strobes or if you prefer, TV/Film industry standard hotlights.

Gorgeous Windows

It doesn’t get much better than this. All day every day. Go gear free… or use some of our reflectors… or shut a few down. Tune ’til your heart’s content. Shut them all down and use our state of the art lights and rigs. Southern exposure for maximum flexibility. Sun, sky, defused sunlight. You have them all at your disposal – well at least when it’s not cloudy but that’s nice too.

Big Ideas Need Room

Big, open, flexible, spaces. Use it raw with all the bricks, the pipes, some white-wash. Have an idea for a build-out? Let us know. We have plenty and will be building new sets for your inspiration. We’re just getting started and already a list a mile long. Have fun – don’t try this at home.

Raise The Roof

Raise the roof on your shooting, your ideas, there’s not much you can’t do. Any lighting angle you want. Shooting full length have you feeling a bit hemmed in? Claustrophobic? Never again – not at Atomic Canary: Baltimore. While you’re here checkout our crazy lighting boom.

Lighting Gear and Grip

Everything you need to illuminate your latest vision. Seven strobe heads, pocket wizards, soft boxes, an octabox on a boom, snoots, barndoors, reflectors, grids, stands, beauty dishes, clamps, background stands, you name it. Don’t bother lugging your gear. Everything’s included in our low rates.