The Black Box part two

The Black Box part two

In the original post about the black box, there was a little backstory and a few hints as to what you can create in this space.

In the Black Box part two, we take a look at a fine art series that uses hard light from a grided 7" reflector, and nothing else to work with. Not even a bounce.


Two shoulders, and a kiss of light. Would you believe me if I told you that the differene between creating these two images was a matter of moving the model just 3 tiny inches to the right.

No, your other right.

Or maybe it was 4 inces forward, and a slight rotation from a seated position. No matter what the adjustment, the slightest of moves can yield dramatic differences with this particular lighting setup.

Insert Light, or rather the lack thereof, can create annonymity. Yes, you can use the lack of somethiing to create something else, and it is a pretty amazing concept.


Try your hand at the black box with this simple lighting setup next time that you are in the studio. It is a permanent fixture at the Baltimore Studio Space, and one or two lights will do you well. It is a fun, quick and easy place to experiment, with spectacular results, that would other wise require a far more complex setup.

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