The Magic Of Fresnels

The Magic Of Fresnels

Atomic Canary's Baltimore studio has four ARRI fresnels. Fresnels are a type of light fixture that have a built in lens that can be focused to adjust the light output. More specifically, the angle of the beam, which then also affects shadow qualities. Fresnel lens' create magic and a unique look that really can't be had any other way.


The studio has got four of them! Two 150w Arri fresnels and two at 300w, each with a set of barn doors.

Arri has been the gold standard in cinema and video lighting for decades. The Baltimore photography studio even has a pair of 600w dimmers, in case you need finer control over output without physically moving the light.


Next time you're at the studio check them out or ask for a demo. Not only can these fixtures be used for both stills and video, but they can do things that strobes cannot! Dragging the shutter, for example, is pointless with studio strobes because the short flash duration of the lights freezes the action.

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