You'll Love Our Ceilings

You'll Love Our Ceilings


Well kind of not safe but guess it depends on where you work.

Our Ceilings

We sure love them. Of course the character of old industrial buildings are great but that's not the only reason. It's the height. In photography high ceilings are always good. Always, always, always.

Why? Every try to make say full length shot from a low angle while keeping the ceiling out of the shot? At the Baltimore studio space it's no problem. How about throwing big swirlly pieces of fabric around and over your subjects head with a fan? Or maybe using a big box for a soft hair light of a full-length pose? Again no problem.

This behind the scenes grab shot should give you a better idea.

Not trick photography, I assure you Kiera is a normal sized person. Keeping the ceiling out of the shot and shooting low is a no brainer even with a wide-ish lens like a 28mm on full-frame...

That's shot from about thigh level with plenty of room to spare. Of course the character of the Baltimore space is kind of special too. What the heck go nuts. Include the ceiling too if you want we do all the time.

That's almost ankle level kinda crazy wide.

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