Guided Building Shoot

Beyond Our Walls

By hiring the studio, we become your guide, navigating you and your collaborators safely throughout the 110 year old Copycat building. Your guide will be making location suggestions and accepting accountablility for your behaviour.

Unauthorized shooting on the property is unlawful and taken very seriously by the building's Management.

Power of Portability

Your guide will provide you with the following lighting gear for your building shoot:

  • Wheeled hardshell case (fits entire kit)
  • Alien Bees B1600 Strobe (640ws)
  • 40 inch collaseable beauty dish w/ removeable front panel
  • 7 inch reflector and grid
  • 30 inch silver umbrella
  • Vagabond Mini Lithium battery pack
  • Lightweight, Air-cushioned stand (8')
  • Pocket Wizards
  • 10' Extention cord (stinger)
But There's Much More

Your building access grants you access to epic shoot locations such as:

Plan Ahead (Important Disclaimers)

The areas mentioned are all common space within the building. While there is no public access, residents and artists of the building will have the same access as you. It is important to inform your model, and anyone else you are working with of this.

Because these spaces are intended for tennant use, they are subject to availability. No reservations can be made so a backup plan is encouraged. . Your shoot guide will be full of awesome recomendations.

There is no rooftop access.

Consider Joining

Solo building shoots are a privilege that is included with all of our Studio Membership options. *30 day mandatory trial period.

What it costs is up to you

Do you need access to a bathroom, makeup station, private changing area, lockable room to leave valuables? If so, you are going to have to reserve a studio as well.

Studio Rental (40/hr) + Building Guide (40/hr)

If you can work around those needs, only the guide fee applies.

There is a 2 hour minimum for all bookings. Studio rules & regulations apply to guided building shoots.

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