C-Stands We Got 'Um

C-Stands We Got 'Um

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When looking at locations to make photographs a few things might come to mind as super important. Obviously the space itself, lighting gear, maybe backgrounds, but there are a lot of other not so glamorous things.


C-stands: Like An Army Of Assistants

Let's take just one. the topic of the day; The unsung hero, The C-stand. C-stand is short for century stand.

These things are about the most useful thing out there second only to the camera in making photographs. Deceptively simple, a big heavy vertical steel stand with a stable base and a rotating arm connected to it. C-stands go far beyond a more single purpose light stand.


Of course they can be used for lights to but combined with a clamp or two they're useful for holding just about anything in any position.

  • Go-Bo's, stuff you want between the light and the subject to create ambiance or special effects.
  • Props that need to be held in position in the frame.
  • Precise positioning of reflectors.
  • A boom to hold anything you'd like over-head and out of camera frame.
  • An impromptu wardrobe rack (don't laugh very useful)

You get it.


Unlike light stands and other photography grip that's primary design is to be light and portable C-stands are made to be beefy, really beefy. Made of steel they're incredibly stable but you wouldn't want to carry them around. That's why the Atomic Canary Baltimore studio space has two of the buggers and studio WAF has an addtional two. As with all of our standard lighting gear and grip it all comes with use of the studio, no extra cost.

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