You'll Love Our Ceilings

You'll Love Our Ceilings

Light From Above

When you absolutely need it, nothing replaces height.

Photographers love that the Baltimore studio spaces BOTH feature 14' ceilings. Each space is painted a bright, neutral white in order to reduce color cast and maximize the ambient light.

Insert Above: Studio A is the newest studio space available in Baltimore.

Below: Studio B (AKA Studio WAF) features the same ceilings, and even the pipes and cabeling has been painted. This workshop BTS shot featuring model Zoe C. West illustrates the available height.


A View From Above

Are you good on a ladder? Got a steady hand? Overhead shots of products and people are an effective visual tool.

The studios are equiped with sandbags, stands, clips, clamps and anything else you need to shoot this way. There is even a rotating collection of rugs, fabrics, and props that are available as part of your studio rental use.


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