You Are Confirmed!

Thank you for reserving time at Atomic Canary!

The balance due at your booking is [40/studio] and [120/model]

Arrival & Building Entry:

  • 1501 Guilford Ave. Baltimore, MD 21202
  • Free street parking is available. Please mind all signs.
  • Use the call box to the right of the door
  • Press the down arrow and ring Atomic Canary
  • Proceed to the third floor once buzzed in


  • Do not arrive more than 10 minutes prior to your booking.
  • Please clean and vacate the studio by your scheduled end time.
  • A studio staff member will be present for your booking.
  • Google Maps:

Whats included:

  • Lights & triggers (Speedotron, Alien Bee, Arri)
  • Furniture (move it around however you need!)
  • Wardrobe (a limited amount available on rolling racks)
  • Props (rotated regularly)

Contact info:

  • [e]
  • [p] 443-220-9980
  • or visit us at
  • Business hours: Tues-Sun 9a-10p