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Our Baltimore studios have been designed as a single photographer experience. This is due to square footage and equipment limitations. Therefore, the studio rental policy does not allow events or bookings larger than 5 persons at a time.

That being said... we do understand that there are plenty of situations where having a second photographer or a videographer would add much value to your shoot, so we have created a double booking option.

The double booking option is a one time per booking add-on cost of 50.00

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Do not confuse this with shooting multiple cameras. Renters are free to shoot with as many cameras as they wish. This fee is only required when there are others present (at your booking) that are shooting.


What do I get for paying the double booking fee? We are not just adding fees for the sake of adding fees. We feel that it is our responsibilty to our customers to offer someting in return for paying extra.

First and foremost, adding this option allows additional photographers or videographers, beyond yourself.

In Studio A, paying the fee also includes an additional Speedotron strobe and an independent set of triggers.

In Studio B, paying the fee also includes an additional Alien Bee B1600 strobe, and an additional trigger, and transmitter set.

What constitutes another shooter? An interchangeable lens. Feel free to shoot shoot as much as you want with your phones, gopros/ action cams, point and shoot cameras, all-in-one gimbals, and anything else that has a fixed lens. The one exception to the fixed lens rule is a camcorder with xlr inputs.

Remember: Occupancy rules still apply. It is important to remember that the overall occupancy does not increase. Each booking is still limited to 5 people, regardless of the number of shooters.


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