Frequently Asked Questions

Can I tour the studios before renting?

Yes, we highly reccomend that you do. Tours are free, and deposits are non-refundable. We want you to know what you're getting before you pay for it. Set up a tour

Can I rent at Atomic Canary if I have never shot in a studio before?

Yes! The studio embraces learning and creativity and encourages photographers of all experience and skill levels to give us a try. We recomend that you try shooting Studio A's natural light, where no flashes are needed, or look into our education offerrings.

Can you teach me how to use studio lights?

Absolutely! The studio offeres Mini Lessons, and educational group workshops regularly.

Can multiple photographers share the studio?

The studios have been designed to be used by one photographer at a time due to square footage and equipment limitations. Therefore, the studio policy does not allow events or bookings larger than 5 persons at a time.

We do understand that there are plenty of situations where having a second photographer or a videographer would add much value to your shoot, so we have created a double booking add on.

Can I split time or rent both studios?

Yes, though the 2 hour minimum still applies to each space. You may book both spaces simultaneously. This is a great option for large groups with multiple photographers.

Can I pay less if I bring my own lights?

The studio rate includes gear, but there is no discount given if you chose to bring your own.

Can I shoot video in the studios?

Our spaces are designed as photography studios. We encourage video shoots, though the space is not sync sound friendly. Studio A in particular, is within earshot of the highway and the train station.

Where do I park?

There is free street parking in the neighborhood, and metered parking closer to the building. Take the time to check out our in depth directions page.

Does the building have an elevator?

The building does have a small passenger elevator. Access to the freight elevator can be made available with proper notice.

What is the inclement weather policy?

The studio is next door to the Baltimore School of Design and therefore mirrors their policy. If you have a booking during times of delays, early closure, or closing, then your deposit may be applied to another date. See the updated closings here.

Do you have continuous lights (hotlights, constants, incandescents) in the studios?

Studio B comes with two 600w constant lights with a dimmer. Studio A has abundant windowlight that many people choose to shoot without the use of any additional lights.

Is my car safe in the neighborhood?

Yes! As is the case in any city, it is advisable to keep all the items inside your vehicle locked and out of view.

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