The Garage w/ Ambient Light

The Garage w/ Ambient Light

Ambient Light


Down in the underbelly of the Copycat building... home of our Baltimore studio space, we decided to grab a few shots with Miami based, freelance traveling model Mika Lovely. Aside from her being awesome, the garage iss an awesome space to make photographs.

These images were shot via ambient florecents that happened to be there . . . not a lot of light to work with. You definitely want to bring down a speedlight or strobe!

There's painted brick with the paint flaking off to varying degrees, conduits, pipes, architectural detail galore.

There's a beat-up old hardwood floor in one corner of the huge space and various textures of concrete elsewhere.


There's even a bunch of old steam controls with valves and gauges or something painted interesting colors.

The studio's policy on shooting around the building requires that you hire an assistant.
Your assistant will help you with gear, and make suggestions on available areas to shoot!

Studio Members are exempt from this rule, another benefit to membership! Book a shoot today!

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