Shooting In Between Floors

Shooting In Between Floors

Boucing direct afternoon sunlight can be tricky

The windows in the building's main stairwell face west, and that means plenty of direct golden sunlight in the late afternoon.

You can see the direct sunlight hitting the bricks up top. It almost looks like a window itself, but it is just a hotspot.

We are using an identical hotspot on the lower landing with the aid of a 10' tall manfrotto stand and a wescott reflector holder that adds another 2' of height with a golden bounce atttached.


A tall stool allows me to get the lens up to eye level, even if it means holding it above my head and shooting blindly. This is where the 24-105's great autofocus, and some careful balance was crucial.

A little bounce goes a long way. Bringing the model up to a level that still preserves the highlights on the brick.


Model: Lana Colette
Camera: Canon 5D mark II
Lens: Canon 24-105 f4L

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