Model Opportunities

Model Opportunities

Atomic Canary is a different type of photographic education and the community responds well to each of our offerings. Our studio provides a warm, friendly and welcoming environment with knowledgable instructors, and a community of artists that are willing and eager to work with traveling models.


The Baltimore / Washington Advantage

A stay at the studio means you are in TWO CITIES.

An $8, 1 hour train ride from the studio gets you to Washington Union Station in about the same time it takes to get there from the end of each DC Metro Line.


More than half of the studio's regular customers travel over 1.5 hours to shoot here.

Stop booking shoots in DC, Fredrick/Hagerstown and South PA and stop spending your valuable tour time commuting between shoots! Photographers love to shoot at Atomic Canary!

Workshops at Atomic Canary

While the studio DOES hire models for workshops, there are a very limited amount available.

If you are interested in modeling for a workshop at the studio, please make sure you meet the following requiremts and send an email request to

  • Have dates available, and requesting at least 6-8 weeks in advance
  • Planning a minimum of 4 day stay at the studio
  • 10K+ active U.S. users on primary social media account
  • Have shot/ worked with the workshop's instructor prior to the event
  • Have images here or are able to shoot promo images here at least 4 weeks prior

Do NOT worry! There are plenty more earning opportunities at the studio, read on!


The Residence Program at Atomic Canary

Save TIME, save ENERGY, make more MONEY. Our Resicence Program allows traveling models to use Atomic Canary as a home base. The Baltimore space comes with a built in social network as well as a fully outfitted photography studio. The studio can offer (up to) full accomodations for travelling models including blazing fast 50mbps Atomic Wifi and the Atomic Team helping you out with the marketing for the Baltimore/ Washington leg of your tour. Each visit is set up to maximize your bookings! A typical arragement is trading a workshop for 3+ nights of lodging.

Common Questions:
1) I am traveling through the DC/ Northern Virginia/ Baltimore (DMV area), do you offer hosting?
Yes. Based on availability, lodging can be offered at the studio on a case-by-case basis. Making requests with a 2-3 month lead time is preferred, but exceptions can be made.

2) Why do you plan so far out?
The studio is currently planning events 2-3 months in the future. This is to ensure proper marketing and promotion for each event.

Deal Days

During shorter stays or dates that workshops are not available, Atomic Canary can help you set a flat rate for bookings that include the studio rental cost. This eliminates much of the email back and fourth, and even allows the Atomic Canary website to book shoots for you!

Partner with the studio and combine the marketing efforts to promote your stay!


Be Part of the Community!

The MOST effective way to meet new photographers, models and MUA's in the area is to be an active part of the Atomic Canary studio community. Join, like, comment, and be an active member and keep yourelf on the timelines of all of us here in Baltimore! Increase your local visibility.

Made it this far? Interested in these opportunities?

Contact us by email to speak with a member of the Atomic Team. Please include your travel dates in your contact message!