Natural Light Studio

Natural Light Studio

What does it mean to be a true natural light studio?

It means that light is abundant and you have the ability to easily control it with the proper tools.

One can make the argument that our Baltimore Studio A is the ideal creative space to shoot with, or without the aid of studio lighting.

It Starts With The Windows

It all starts with a total of eight (8) large windows that measure four feet wide by eight feet tall.

The two south facing windows have wide ledges that are safe to stand on, and feature a distant downtown Baltimore view.


If you have the room (which we do) window light is amazingly controllable in terms of direction, lighting ratio, and overall look. Given the arrangement of the windows in the Baltimore space, the lighting looks are virtually even without bringing any other lights to the table.

But just in case, we've got a boat-load of lighting gear and grip. Strobes, softboxes, reflectors, grids and more.

All day light, all year long.

The morning hours in Studio A have direct exposure to southern windowlight. That means it is high in the sky in the summertime (overhead, indirect available light), and low in the sky (more direct, longer shadows) during the winter months. See the sections below with photo examples of different times of day, at different times of year.

Morning (10a - noon)

Above: Winter vs Summer Light illustration

Morning light produces long window shapes in the winter while summer light produces far more compact light shapes. This is because (in the Northern Hemisphere) the sun appears higher in the sky.

Afternoon (Noon - 4pm)

In the winter time, sunlight is done in studio A by as early as 4pm; but the studio daylight hours get extended late into the day during the summertime.

Take a look at the two examples below, taken at around the same time of day during different seasons.

Above: Long winter light shapes at about 2pm

Above: Short summer light at about 2pm

Golden Hour (Currently 4-8p)

Looking Westward just before sunset will give you some magical direct sunlight any time of year (it is just much earlier int he winter time).

Golden Hour as we call it, actually lasts a few hours during the afternoon. Currently, (Spring/ Summer 2019) Golden hour falls between 4 pm and 8 pm until September.

Above: (Indirect) Golden Hour at Atomic Canary Baltimore

Above: The reverse view; (Direct) west facing windows

If you are planning a shoot during these hours, you will not be dissapointed! Even on cloudy overcast days, the light is direct and abundant. The only catch is that it moves/ changes fast towards the end, be prepared to adjust!

Do you like this article? Do you geek out over light like we do? We encourage you to signup for one of our mini lessons and expand your lighting knowledge!

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