5' Octabox

5' Octabox

The five foot (60") Octabox is now a permanet piece of gear in Baltimore.

No studio is complete without at least one big modifier; but with experience from the previous Baltimore studio space, a 7' moifier was too dangerous or intimidating for most people to want to take on.

A 5', low profile/ shallow box however, is light, and easy to move around without much physical strength required.


With 14' ceilings in Studio WAF, that means that we could get a second one of these things and stack them, perhaps?


Anatomy of an Octabox

Like all good modifiers, this guy has got an internal baffle. This acts as the first stop that light leaving the flashtube encounters. Some light will blast right through, the rest will bounce back to the white lined interior, again, pushing it forward.


The front panel of rip stop nylon that further softens the light leaving the source.

A deep lip allows for more finite control over the edge of the throw. Feather it, cut it, or attach the available eggcrate grid for a much tighter beam.

This modifier is light and shallow in depth, it is all supported by a regular light stand and moves around easier than you think!

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