Photographer Opportunities

Photographer Opportunities

The Joys of Membership

How would you like to have studio time for half price? Well, that is just one of the benefits that you receive with a Level Two: Uranium Membership.

We reward repeat business. In fact, the more you come back, the more you save. Our membership plans are designed to keep you coming back to shoot regularly. That is part of what you are looking for in a home studio right? Just $100/ mo will get you six hours of studio time each month, with the option to add as much as you want for $20/ hour. Yup, half price!

Ok, Ok, so you dont shoot much. In fact, you don't even shoot every month. Thats ok, we have got a plan for you too! A Level Zero Membership is just $25/mo ! You get a HUGE discount on studio hours: $30/hr for level 0 members. Thats about 25% off each hour you purchase.

You can read more about memberships and signup here

Creative Coaching at Atomic Canary

Ignite your creativity! Work 1on1 with a member of the Atomic Team do develop your concept, recreate an image, build advanced lighting setups, and have an experienced photographer and educator by your side the entire time.

Workshops and themed shoots are fantastic shooting and learning opportunities, but if you want to superchage your development, there is no more effective way than a mentorship at Atomic Canary.

At just 40.00 per hour, plus applicable studio time, you can have a mentor by your side, an assistant for your complex shoots, or a teacher to help you get through conceptual or technical lessons that evade you.

Atomic Canary is a different type of photographic education and the community responds well to each of our offerings. Our studio provides a warm, friendly and welcoming environment with knowledgable instructors, and a community of artists that are willing and eager to work with new photographers.

To get started with creative coaching, you can email


Workshops at Atomic Canary offer participants an excellent opportunity to work with talented models, while receiving creative and technical instruction from a member of the Atomic Team.

Hyperfocused topics, that carry real-world relevance such as: Speedlights + Sunlight in Perfect Harmony, or Simulating Windowlight. These topics are paired with a genre or theme and an experienced model.

You can see our current workshop oferrings here

Traveling Models at Atomic Canary

Atomic Canary is constantly reaching out and bringing the most popular, professional traveling models to your home studio.

Keep an eye on our calendar, website, and facebook page for updates on who will be coming to the studio soon.