The Second Floor Landing

The Second Floor Landing

One of the great things about working at Atomic Canary is the building we happen to be located in as well as the block or two surrounding the building. Endless and diverse picture making opportunities beyond using the awesome studio space. A few areas highlighted before are the ally, the loading dock and the garage with or without additional lights.

Today I wanted to share a secret weapon. The landing areas of each floor leading to the studio are fantastic spaces to use. Each floor's landing area looks a bit different and the lighting characteristics change througout the day.

These images of the wonderfully talented Patty Suchy (The hardest working woman we know!) were made in the space of a few minutes on the second floor landing while we were on the way to the garage for a grittier look. The light before the sun crosses over to the western sky is just about perfect. Fool proof, the perfect amount of softness with plenty of bounce for fill. We've used this space for beauty, fashion-y, and portraits. Heck we have even used it after the sun crossed over to the west for a reflector mini-workshop with fantastic results.

Next time you're working at the studio be sure to give it a try.

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