Speedlights: On and Off Camera

Saturday, January 20 11a-1p

Studio WAF - Model TBD

Get a quick, efficient lesson on how to use them tricky speedlights, both on and off camera! We're gonna do so with a great model!


Shooting with seedlights IS tricky! Your light source moves everytime you do when shooting on camera!

We are going to first work with speedlights on camera, then get advanced and shoot with them off camera.

Need to rent a speedlight for this workshop? We have manual speedlighs that work on and off camera. The rental fee is an additional 50.00 and includes a trigger and speedlight for the duration this event.


On Location

You dont use speedlights in a studio


PRICING 150.00

just 50 to RSVP

  • 2 hour on-location workshop
  • Rotated lead-shooters
  • Professional Model
  • Lighting Instruction


50.00 to hold your spot, 150.00 total.