The Alley

The Alley

The Atomic Canary Baltimore studio space has a lot going for it. Gorgeous natural light from four oversized windows, built-in character, tons of indoor public spaces that are great to use for changing up the mood and setting of a shot but when the weather's good it's hard to beat the surrounding neighboorhood for great backdrops.

We'll be posting a mini-guide to the block or two surrounding the photography studio that we hope will inspire you to grab somebody and go make photographs using the studio as a convenient homebase while the weather is great. Having a place to do make-up, wardrobe change-outs, and a secure place to leave all of your stuff makes all the difference in the world.

Within two blocks there are infinite and varied backdrops and locations to be used. To kick this off check out the alley directly behind the studio building. Every ten feet is a very very different look.

Stay tuned. More to come about using outdoor locations in the Baltimore North Arts District all within a block of Atomic Canary.

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