The 5th Floor Landing

The 5th Floor Landing

The Fifth Floor Landing

When every level of the building has a different landing, your shoot locations are multiplied. Going up, or down, just one floor from the studio reveals some neat locations.

Going up (2 flights) to the fith floor lands you in the middle of bricks and windows with aluminum casings. The spacious landing provides plenty of direct sunlight in the afternoon from the Westward facing windows of the Copycat building, home of our Baltimore studio space.


Above you can see our setup shot. It does not get any simpler in concept than this: The model is lit direct by the window, and I brought in a gold bounce to backfill her. In the images below, you can see the strong, high contrast hotspot on her. You can also see the lens flare in the right image (below); that is a lot of direct light!


It took several minutes of playing around to find, not only, the right balance of light, but the right position of the model to create an interesting composition.

Insert The final image above was color corrected, edited and square cropped to create balance. Special thanks to our model Lana Colette for taking time to shoot and play around in the light!

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