The Garage With One Speedlight

The Garage With One Speedlight

The surrounding public spaces of the Baltimore studio space have tons of character. If used with a modicum of respect to other residents of the building those spaces have endless opportunity to create mood and diversity. The last post about the garage was shot from the sidelines while one of our members was making photogrpahs. Ambient light is scarce in a lot of those spaces. Although it can be used creatively bringing just one speedlight to the equation changes everything.

I convinced Mary it was a reasonable idea to make a few photographs in the grage in March a year ago. Heres a smattering of shots we made in just one area of the garage on the first floor with one speedling for the couple of minutes we shot.

One speedlight without a stand off camera and bounced from a nearby wall.

A tiny little bit of finesse in letting some of the ambient show a hint of detail in the background created the mood.

Imagine what you could do with a stand and a simple umbrella or maybe aonther speedlight or two. A one or two speedlight setup is easy to manage by yourself. If you have something a bit more complicated in mind an assistant would definitely come in handy. We used two assistants to run the film noir workshop in the same space and three different sets last year. Bring your own voice activated automatic light stands or just ask, we're here to help.

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