The Kitchen

The Kitchen

*NOTE: This article features a previous studio space that is no longer available

Over the last 5 years, Atomic Canary has occupied several different spaces within the Copycat building, and will continue to provide new and unique shooting spaces in the future. If you have already missed out on these opportunities, do not hesitate to check out our current spaces, because they won't be around forever either!

To see our current studio spaces please visit Studio A or Studio B

Revisiting The Original Studio Kitchen


Everyone loves the windows and the big white wall but there's certainly more to the studio's at Atomic Canary than just that. Take the kitchen as one example. Neat as a pin or all messed up, even the kitchen can be put to use with it's campy vintage cabinets and sink. Even the shelves are painted a skin flattering aqua.

Next time you're looking for a little kitsch. Give the kitchen a whirl! A tiny bit of imagination and creativity can go a long way, and we have got all the props and furniture to make it work.


Oh, and just a hint. These couple of shots were shot backlit with one of the 4x8 reflectors but a little fill flash works wonders to for the not-so-lazy...

Stay tuned for more ideas, locations around the block, and use of the building. In the meantime you can go back to the blog. OR hack back to the calendar and book a shoot!

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