The Loading Dock

The Loading Dock

Photographic possiblilities are endless here at the Baltimore studio space. The loading dock on the first floor directly alongside the entrance is absolutely amazing.

Impossible to replicate this kind of urban-exploration kind of environment some modern structure unless you've got an old style Hollywood budget. The difference is that the building is safe and secure as opposed to attmpting to use abandoned discoveries. Not a great idea with models lights etc. That's a different endeavor altogether.

Here's a slightly wider view.

Some great great, yellow, and blue colors to work with. I shot these on the fly with only the ambient florecent fixtures while taking one of my first walks around the public spaces of the building with Mary in tow.

On other occasions I've made some wonderful stuff with a single speedlight. Heck we've even hosted a film-noir photoraphy workshop with a bunch of lights and props with a dozen participants from the Baltimore phogograpy community. More on that later.

If using ambient or a single speedlight off camera feel free to go it on your own, it's very managable. If you want to do something more complicated with multiple strobes and portable power packs, etc it's probably a good idea to have an assistant.

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