Wardrobe Membership

Wardrobe Membership

Unlimited Possibilities

Unlock the door to the studio's closet and you are adding our full collection of wardrobe, props, and equipment to your bag of tricks.

With this monthly subscription of 40.00, you will be buying less, carrying less, and gaining access to a never-ending supply of shoot possibilities.


Another Reason to Enjoy Working with You

Save your stylist and model the trouble of lugging around a heavy bag. Bring them to the studio and construct a shoot plan based on your available options.

Enjoy unlimited access to:

  • Professional Stand up Steamer & Rolling Wardrobe Rack
  • Garments: from intimates to semi-formal wear. Mostly black and white
  • Shoes: 3 dozen pairs in various styles and sizes
  • Fabrics: light, colorful, translucent and patterned
  • Backdrops: Deep black velvet, Chroma key green & more
  • Props: Rotated inventory of the fun, odd and practical
  • Bodypaint: limited selection, but you're welcome to it

40.00/ mo. (autodebit payments)

*Models staying at the studio have full access during their visit.

*New pieces are added to the closet regularly.


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